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Energomont possesses a highly skilled workforce, vast experience gained over decades of work in the field of audit of distribution transformer stations. In addition, Energomont has a very sophisticated measuring equipment that can detect any type of fault is rectified and prevent potential accidents.

Under the revision of the distribution transformer stations is understood set of operations to verify the functionality of each work element which is located in the station, checking electrical quantities, and detection of irregularities so that their preventive elimination has been a reliable energy image of each object.
Regardless of the cause of the arrival of ET in repair workshop company in Energomont, the procedure is always the same as service or the number of operations conducted on ET depends on the type of fault:

  • Upon receipt of ET in repair workshop, we conduct a review and visual control, keeping in mind fulfillment of certain admission and checklists
  • Performing cleaning of exterior parts of PT
  • The test station is dedicated to testing and diagnosis of the degree of fault and the resulting damage

Repair of transformersRepair of transformers

Repair of transformersRepair of transformers

After the troubleshooting, setting the way we will do the overhaul, which includes the following operations:

  • From the transformer dish oil is transferred to a certain point, the active part of the ET is removed from the court and after that we perform a visual check of the status of active work and interior court
  • Oil and the court is still treated so as to be ready to refill the tank (Performs the washer interior court and the oil is filtered, and after that stored, if it is determined that the quality is of the same satisfactory)
  • Fault repair is done on the inside of ET:
    - Winding one, or all three, primary windings
    - Winding one, or all three, secondary windings
    - Repair any physical damage to the components of tightening or yoke
    - Replacement of any fastening element coils on the pole, as much as there is damage
    - Replacement of the regulation selector switch

Repair of transformersRepair of transformers

Repair of transformersRepair of transformersRepair of transformers

When the necessary activity is carried out, We start the testing of active work in the form of winding resistance measurements, transmission ratio and phase shift. If it is determined that the active part of the correct ET following activities performed at each ET that comes in our repair workshop, or a part of the so-called standard overhaul:

  • Drying of the active part of ET in a vacuum dryer. Vacuum drying of the active work is carried out with konstrolu degree of vacuum and temperature control in the process of vacuum drying of the active part. The entire drying process is carried out in a special unit created for this purpose and the entire drying process was conducted via e-Sdad and the PLC, or the role of the operator is exclusively process monitoring and control. Vacuum drying is carried out in stages according to a predefined protocol and a process of this drying takes 72 hours
  • Upon completion of the vacuum drying of the active part of ET, followed by the setting up of the active work of the dish and the transformer oil filling in the court vacuum technique that air bubbles would acres in the transformer dish, which in exploitation can cause big problems (before charging raises a new set of seals)
  • After filling follows the final test which consists of the following operations:
    - Resistance measurement and measurement of transformation ratio and phase shift
    - Measurement of winding insulation resistance
    - Measurement of dielectric strength of transformer oil
    - The wollowing work is done in the test station:
      - Idling view experiment
      - Short circuit test
      - Test with foreign supply 2Un + 10kV
      - inter-turn test (200Hz)
  • In the event that all of the values obtained are within the permissible limits of ET, it is transported to the painting department and final preparation for delivery
  • Assembling the test certificate with all the measurement results

Repair of transformersRepair of transformers

In addition to eliminating the defects in the active part of ET, we do the following:

  • Replacement of HV and LV insulators
  • Replacing spark gaps
  • Replacing flags
  • Replacement of Buchholz relay and contact thermometer
  • Replacement of the dehydrator and replacement of gel
  • Replacement of the contact thermometer
  • Replacing the oil level indicator
  • Replacement valves or oil drain valves
  • Changing wheels
  • In case you need to perform the welding of the tank and conservator

Repair of transformersRepair of transformersRepair of transformers

Every overhauled transformer, along with the supporting documentation on the identity of completed projects and test list, receives guarantee on work completion.

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