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Infrared thermography is a contactless method of determining termperature and its distribution on the surface of the object. Based on the registration of infra red (IR) radiation emitted by any body is at a temperature above absolute zero.


The thermographic camera is a device that collects infrared radiation from the visual field and converts it into an image in colored tones showing the distribution of the radiation energy in the observed areas.

Using data on emission characteristics of the surface and the state of the environment is possible to obtain precise data on the distribution of temperature on the surface of the object.

ENERGOMONT Ltd. has trained staff, with the necessary certificates for use of the thermal camera and the processing of the received data.


Thermal imaging cameras allow you to see the relationship of heat that are not visible to the human eye. This method of measurement is one of the so-called non-contact measurement, which means that the measurement is carried out without direct contact with the measured object camera, from a certain distance. Huge advantages of this procedure are:

  • High-speed (milliseconds), which also means huge savings in time
  • Makes easier, and sometimes even enables the measurement of moving objects
  • The danger of physical injury is avoided (eg. High-voltage parts …)
  • Measurement of high temperatures, where the application of the contact thermometer is not possible
  • Does not take away the energy of the measured object, and there is no distortion of the measurement results
  • There is no danger of contamination (Dangerous supstances) and damages (For example: lacquered surfaces)


Thermography is used to detect abnormalities at an early stage and thus prevent failure, which means:

  • Increase in security
  • More reliable system
  • Reduced number of unforeseen failures
  • Reducing the cost of repairs (Planning repairs)
  • Extends the lifetime of the equipment


Thermography has found a very wide use in all areas of life and work, such as:

  • Production and distribution of electricity (Generator views, transformers, switches, voltage regulators, relays, cables …)
  • Control of mechanical parts (overheating bearings, couplings, pumps…)
  • Measurement in construction (measurement of heat loss of the object, detection of heat bridges, detecting moisture…)
  • Fault detection, and control of the production
  • Overview of printed circuits
  • Discovering the potential of the city fire
  • The use in medicine


Thermography in the electrical field:

  • Load at least 40% (the more the better)
  • Poor connections – overload, asymmetry
  • Comparison of equally loaded phases (relative temperature)
  • Making thermograms for the same measuring points in the same conditions
  • Respect the influence of wind (& lt; 15m / s), sun, humidity and ambient temperature at measuring points
  • Low emissive and cooled surface look cooler
  • Always measuring the surface temperature (Protection of contacts …)
  • Ambient temperature (winter and summer views)


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